Thursday, 11 January 2007

Back to Class

This evening my sketchbook class started again after the Christmas break. I have spent the last two weeks collating samples and working on my first assessed book. I have been trying to get in front of myself before I go away on holiday as I shall miss 4 sessions. The evening class went well and we were given back our practise books which were finished before the Christmas break together with the Tutor evaluation. I was pleased with the results as I am never sure that I am on the same wavelength as everyone else!! However the comments were favourable and I feel a lot happier with what I am doing now.
Five more days too holiday!! I am getting excited now. Will start organising my packing tomorrow. Won't need much - I hope to be in the sea most of the time. One of my classmates told me it is Carnival time there - wow. I will take loads of photographs - I am sure there will be tons of artistic inspiration there fuelled with the most wonderful Mount Gay rum cocktails!!
I am going to take my Laptop so that I can keep in touch and send home pictures to make everyone jealous.

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