Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Gathering my thoughts

My new Sketchbook assignment is still uppermost in my mind together with collating all the art work I have done so far for my Sample Portfolio. I swore I wouldn't let myself get behind when I started this new course but it has happened. I think I can get straight before I take off for my holiday. The Autumn Term is always the busiest for me workwise and this takes me away from my course work. I have had four trips to France as well as one London and one Bristol. I need no excuse to go to France! I have several friends that live there now and we combine work with pleasure on our trips.

Today I have to get to Town for necessities like a new Cat Flap and Tumble Dryer! It will be difficult dragging myself away from the log fire but it is too cold to leave the hole in the door open to the elements and I am sick and tired of washing hanging on the radiators. It is cold and windy here on the coast but the exercise will do me good!! Blowy, windy days like today always make me think of people out on the sea. The sea is a wonderful thing but she is a jealous thing and takes when she wants. Beautiful but deadly. I was born by the sea and have lived by the sea all my life and can't imagine being too far away from it. As a child I spent most of my time in it. Boats and I don't get on very well and when I go to France I have to make sure I take my Sea sickness pills but staring out across the wide blue yonder is an awesome thing. So spare a thought for 'those in peril' the next time it is blowing a gale and you might be eating Fish and Chips.

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