Friday, 5 January 2007


Another cold, grey January day in England sees my mind wandering off to somewhere warm. My flight has now been booked and I am off to Barbados on 17th January for 2 weeks. I went shopping for a new swimming costume on Wednesday last and came home with a new pair of boots - which were a bargain but in the end didn't fit me so my daughter has had an early Birthday present!!. The swimming costume is proving elusive as there is not much choice in the way of shops here and I can't bear the thought of driving off on a shopping trip to somewhere busy. Perhaps I'll buy one when I get there.
The next two weeks will see me in a manic frenzy getting ready to go away and making sure I leave everything tidy here and that there is enough food for my three cats. I am also working the day after I get back and this involves sorting out my stock, washing, ironing and then packing everything ready to take to London. The other thing of course is that there is a Costume auction here the day before I go!! I can't resist going to have a look - this will be fatal of course - there is bound to be something there that I can't possibly live without!!

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