Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year - no resolutions!

On this New Year's Day I have a mixture of feelings. I have made no resolutions as they won't be kept like all the diet plans I start. I am very much a person of spontaneous actions and really dont like rules and regulations. There is enough red tape out there to cope with every day living without me imposing more on myself. This may seem self indulgent to others but I am very hard on myself and push myself to the limit in everything I do.

I have become totally immersed in my latest City and Guilds course and spend many happy hours mixing paint and getting up to my elbows in pva glue. I am addicted to the art of creating. I am by no means an expert but I am completely relaxed and happy when I am messing about with paint and stuff. It is a means of escape for me. I lose myself completely.

I am off on holiday in a couple of weeks to Barbados. I shall be taking my paints and sketchbook with me. Hopefully I shall summon up enough energy to produce something - but I am not pressurising myself to do anything. This is the first proper holiday I will have had for about 10 years so I may sleep for a fortnight!! One thing is for sure I shall do my utmost to come home with a great tan!!

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