Friday, 12 January 2007

Practise sketchbook

This is the cover of my practise sketchbook. The background was made from my favourites of the moment pva glue and layers of crumpled tissue paper which was then painted . It is decorated with a real leaf, tree bark and lichen. These have all been given a coating of pva glue to preserve them and make them flexible to manipulate without breaking.
The theme was 'my garden' or as I call it the reclaimation yard. I have all kinds of reclaimed bits and pieces in my garden; its not just about flowers; more about nature and the ravages of time. There are some plants that I absolutely adore like the Japanese Tree Peony that I bought for £1.50 at the garden centre out of season. It was reduced because it looked dead. A few small sticks in a pot have now turned into a huge plant measuring about 4 foot across and 4 foot high. It must like the clay and the dead ash from the fires that I throw all over the garden to help soak up the wet from the clay. There is an awful lot of work to be done out there at the moment, but that can wait until I get back from holiday.

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