Wednesday, 7 February 2007

February Journal under construction!!

I have been playing about today with designs and ideas for my Journal Quilts. I have painted some fabric, made stencils and am waiting for an image transfer to dry. Because I am behind with this project I am working on January and February!! The great Christmas clear up has left me wondering where things are! I do know what I am supposed to be doing in both cases. It is my daughter's birthday this month on the 23rd so Pisces will feature in there somewhere but still maintaining the Caribbean influence with colour. Here is a picture of the stencil I have made. Her colours are pinks and purples so I have found just the right piece of my hand dyed fabric for the background and the images will be stencilled on top somewhere. Haven't decided where yet so need to do some drawing. Its a good job these little quilts are only A4 size! Shall have some more fun deciding about stitching and other techniques. Sketchbook Class tomorrow so must put on other hat in a minute.

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