Sunday, 4 March 2007

February Journal finished.

Well I have finally managed to get the February Journal quilt finished and the photograph uploaded to the Group website. I have named it 'February Friends'. I am quite pleased with it. The fish are painted and crinkled tissue paper which makes a great medium for mixed media stitching.
I have had a filthy flu like cough and cold for the last ten days and am feeling uuuggghhhhhhhh! I am so annoyed as I felt so well when I came back from my holiday which now seems like light years away. I haven't been outside the door for 7 days which is maybe a blessing in disguise as I have been working on my Sketchbook assignment. I have painted loads of papers and made various pop-ups and now I seem to have brain fag as I can't make up my mind what to do with it all.
I had a rest from sketchbooking on Friday and played around with my needle felting machine. I found a piece of Nuno felt I had made last year as a sample when I was demo nstrating in France and have added more luscious fibres to it and turned it into a little clutch bag. I just need to line it now and put on a fastening and it will be ready to take with me to my Talent for Textiles show in Ilminster at the end of this month. I feel a certain amount of pressure at the moment as I need to make a lot of things for Ilminster as well as finish my first Sketchbook assignment for the end of the month.