Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Humber Bridge - May Journal

In May I was 'up North' . This was the furthest North I have been so far. I was booked in to do a Vintage Fashion and Textile Fair at Lincoln and took the opportunity to go to see a friend who was looking after her family house in Hull while her Father was in Hospital. The morning of the Fair we drove across the Bridge very early in the morning as the sun was rising. It was spectacular and made a lasting impression on me. This quilt is a digital image transferred to fabric and then thread painted and quilted.
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Here are three of the Journals I had to catch up with. The top one - July - is a mixed media piece using pieces
started at the Cas Holmes Workshop I attended at Cowslip, Launceston in July . The middle one - August -
was in response to the Indigo exhibition I visited at Plymouth Museum . I have used my own indigo
dyed fabrics, a digital imaged printed on to fabric and linen washing buttons. This was simply an amazing exhibition and the information video that was running taught me such a lot. The bottom one -
May - is of the Humber Bridge. I drove across the bridge very early in the morning to go to Lincoln to work and the sunrise was spectacular.

The July Journal is a collage of mixed media pieces. It includes sun printing, mono prining, hand drawing and painting. The layers are laminated together with wallpaper paste and stitched and enhanced when dry. Some areas are scraped back with a craft knife to reveal the layers underneath and distress the surface.

The August Journal is much more simple, relying on the beauty of the indigo dyed fabrics for its impact.
Indigo is such a wonderful dye. The process is magical and the resulting colour is spectacular. It can be quite messy. I dyed these fabrics one sunny day last summer in the garden - a very happy day!
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Where did the summer go?

I can't believe that it is the end of October already. I have had a very busy summer. After I returned home from the workshop at Cowslip in Launceston I was very busy finishing the Quilt that was due to be sent to Festival of Quilts at NEC, Birmingham. I managed to get it done by the deadine day for posting only to be told at the Post Office that day that there was a strike and it wouldn't go for couple of days. I left it and went home to worry if it would be OK and not get lost. I hadn't had time to take any photographs of it before I had packed it up. All was well as a fortnight later I had a phone call the evening before the Quilt Show opened to tell me that I had won the Amateur Award in the Small Contemporary category. Imagine my surprise. I was stunned to say the least and absolutely delighted. I still can't quite believe it to this day .
I also had to catch up with my Journal Quilts; I fell behind after my spell in Hospital in June . I needed to get four made by the deadline date of 11th September.!!