Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Cowslip Workshops Christmas Market

I have just returned home from 4 days in Cornwall. I was asked to participate in the Christmas Craft Market held annually at Cowslip Workshops, Launceston in Cornwall. As I just love it there I jumped at the chance. I spent a frantic week making up some things to take with me but most of the things I took with me were my usual vintage textile stock items. I had a range of French linen and tickings, Welsh Blankets and Welsh Blanket offcuts and made up random patchwork bags plus some bag kits for people to make up their own. I was quite pleased with the way my stall looked in the end. I had had a difficult start to the day of my journey down. After spending two or three days loading up my car with everything, when it was time to go the blessed thing refused to start. It was as dead as a dodo. A hasty call to good old AA remedied that and I set off two hours later than I wanted to. It was dark when I arrived which made unloading difficult as there was not much light in the Farm carpark but I managed. When we had finished setting up it must have been about 8 p.m and our lovely hostess Jo provided us with one of her home cooked suppers which was very welcome after such an exhausting day.

There were a wonderful assortment of really interesting and good quality crafts on offer and I spent a very enjoyable three days working with a group of warm friendly people and feel I have made quite a few like minded new friends. My trips to Devon and Cornwall are a constant source of inspiration. There seems to be so much more going on down there in the Textile World and I feel so at home there I always have to tear myself away with great difficulty when it is time to return to Dorset.


wendy said...

The christmas market was lovely
I love it at Cowslip Workshops everyone is so lovely especially Jo
your stall was lovely, infact I bought the old hexegon shaped piece of patchwork hanging over the table on your first picture, its lovely.


Donna said...

Hey Liz, can't believe I have just stumbled upon your blog! Us textile girls always find each other. It was a great fair wasn't it? I was totally shattered for the whole of the next week though. The journey back and forth for 4 days did me in. Next time I will stay in Cornwall. Hope to see you soon. Donna xxx

lizzie said...

Hi. Wendy, So glad you are pleased with the old hexagon patchwork you bought from me. It is lovely. I also love Cowslip and hope to be back there soon.

lizzie said...

Hi Donna. Nice to hear from you. I was exhausted too after the 4 days in Cornwall. I did enjoy being there even though it was hard work. See you soon. Liz xx