Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Pussycat Problems

Only two weeks in to the New Year and already a catastrophe, (sorry about that!) My next door neighbour came banging on my door about half nine one evening to say that my old cat (he is 16 in February) was crying pitifully in her garden. Of course it was dark and pouring with rain and he was soaking wet and wailing so that I felt my heart being wrenched from my body. . We managed to retrieve him from where he had collapsed and took him home, both of us sobbing. She had lost one of her cats just before Christmas and the wound is still deep. I wrapped him up in towels and blankets and called the vet. We had an 8 mile drive which seemed to go on for 80 miles with me expecting to have a dead cat on arrival. The Vet was wonderful and Jasper (ginger - carrot) was admitted to their Hospital where he spent two nights. The photograph is of him after we had brought him home. The Vet thinks he may have had a small stroke and lost all his bearings and could not get home. He is much better now although he has kidney failure and may have only a few more months with us. He is back to his old ways and is bored and desperate to get out and about. He has been used to coming and going as he pleases and does not appreciate his curfew. This dreadful weather doesn't make it any easier, but we are so glad to have him back. The house just would not be the same without him. He rules the roost and keeps all the other animals in check, and has been known to smack a too inquisitive dog in the chops!!

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Classic said...

Hi Lizzie - So sorry to hear about your poor cat (the article didn't give his name) and I hope he is now feeling better. He looks such a dear old chap, I hope he is comfortable and looking forward to the spring. From David, Litton Cheney