Sunday, 25 May 2008

Arts Weeks panic over.

Well it is underway. Dorset Arts Weeks started on Saturday and I managed to get my things over to Ashmore and set up in time. It has been really hectic for me. I have been making book covers for sketchbooks and there was lots of wet paint and pva glue. Fortunately the weather was beautiful and I could leave things outside to dry while I got on with something else. I love painting up papers and printing and experimenting with colour. I get so involved with this that I forget that I am supposed to be working to a deadline and have to burn the midnight oil to get things finished.

These pictures are of my garden and my shed where I do all the messy work!! My garden is more like a reclamation yard at times as there are bits of salvage all over the place. I saved the gothic arched window with what was left of its coloured glass from a skip about 10 years ago and it is still standing. It was put up to screen my husbands shed, which is not a pretty sight, as this can been seen from the road. My shed on the other hand is pretty and I spend many happy hours in there listening to my music, thinking and making a mess!! The only drawback with it is that from the open door I look straight across to my husband's messy shed. I have tried re-arranging things over there but then I get complaints that he can't find anything so I am going to have to devise some sort of screen that I can put up when I am working up there as I find his mess distracting. Perhaps I will make a make a curtain to string across in front or perhaps a bertter idea would be one of those plastic or beaded curtains that hang in open doors to keep the flies out!!

I am particularly pleased with how my garden looks at the moment. I do not spend an awful lot of time on it. Most of the plants are perennials and there are a lot of self setters. I am inclined to leave these where they appear as I think they deserve the chance to grow on and flower. Consequently there are things like foxgloves growing out of small containers and in the cracks in the paving stones. The ground is heavy clay and at times gets very soggy so there are a lot of plants that wont grow. These of course are some of my favourites. I absolutely adore Iris and have tried for years to grow the beautiful bearded variety with no luck but this year I bought a packet of bulbs from the garden centre and planted them in a container and boy was I excited at the result. They started to come out when I was working in my shed during the beautiful weather. I spent a lot of time just watching them open hour by hour in the sunshine. There are five different colours from the one packet. I shall get some more to plant for next year.
When the ground was being prepared for the concrete base for my shed I had a very anxious time as one of my favourite plants a Japanese Tree Paeony was in they way. I tried to dig it up to move it but it didn't want to come and I was afraid of damaging the roots so it was left in situ and the concrete base laid covering some of the new shoots. It is a big sprawling plant with shoots appearing from the ground all over the place so I crossed my fingers and prayed that it would survive. I gave it a good pruning last Autumn and it is magnificent again though I must say this year there has been more foliage than flowers but I am not complaining I am just glad that it survived concrete and big boots.

I don't seem to have any luck with summer flowers. My garden is a picture during May and June but July and August there is not much going on at all. I will have to take a trip to the Garden Centre again to see what is available. I must confess that I am not much good at watering. I dont do this as a routine - well I am not a routine person - the only thing I do as a routine is go to bed and get up but not always at the same time! I sometimes think my life would be a lot easier if I was a routine person but I can't see that I will change at this late stage in my life.!! I shall always be 'Last Minute Lizzie'.
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