Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Some of my work

This is a display of some of my City and Guilds work that I took to an Area Day of South West Quilters held in Weymouth in the Summer.
I am going to be teaching a workshop for them on Mixed Media techniques. The plan is to spend the day making samples of techniques that will build in to an interesting sketch book. We will spend the morning doing the messy stuff and after lunch the cleaner stuff and maybe a bit of stitching if there is time.
The day is being run by the South West Quilters and is on Saturday October 25th in Weymouth, Dorset.
This is a photograph torn from a local newspaper of the Cobb at Lyme Regis. The papers has been distressed by crumpling over and over until it is broken down into a soft pliable texture. This has then been ironed on to lightweight vilene and then heavily stitched.
This is a page from my Jurassic Coast sketchbook and comprises loose layers of stitched chiffon, patched hand painted cotton sateen and a scrummy collage made with corrugated papers, string, tissue paper and scrim which was then painted many times with gesso and acrylic paint.
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Back to Work

I realise having read the description of this blog that I have posted very little, if any of my work!!! I seem to have concentrated on my travels!! It is true that I have been away from home a lot this summer and have not done very much Textile work. This will soon be remedied as there are several events coming up where I will be able to take some of my own work to sell.
The first is this Friday - Oh Lord!! - this is a Charity Sale in aid of SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND at Castle Cary, Somerset. I have two days to make some things. The things on my list are Lavender Bags made using vintage lace and silk and some Blanketty things and felted things.
I like making felt and while I was in France I bought some silk scarves to use for felting. I love soft, floaty Nuno felt and intend to produce some things using this technique. Whether it will be for this event or the next, time will tell. I have also been felting knitted things. I haven't done any knitting for years but now the winter is coming nearer it is a good thing to do sitting up in bed watching television!!!. My house is not the warmest even when the Central Heating is on and a log fire going, so the best option is to take some work to bed.!!

I must also start designing the quilt I want to do for the Contemporary Quilt Group for the Annual General Meeting of the Quilters Guild to be held at Swansea next year. I haven't been to an AGM since the last one held on the South Coast. Swansea is not too far for me to go and much easier than travelling up North. I would like to go to more of the Quilters Guild Events and Exhibitions but the majority are held a long way from Dorset, and most involve three to six hour drives. An outing like this would need a bit of planning and involve overnight stays which means that they cannot be undertaken spontaneously.

I am still enrolled on the Journal Quilt project run by the Contemporary Quilt Group which is an achievement in itself this year as I have been so busy. Last lap coming up. I enjoy taking part in this as it makes me do something competely different from the type of things I make to sell. This is also why I make a Quilt for the Festival of Quilts every year. I don't expect to win a prize but commiting to enter something makes me make it otherwise I would be juist making things for work all the time.

Monday, 29 September 2008


These are the fishing boats at Roscoff. The tide was right out and they were beached in the mud. They look so strange propped against the harbour wall. The reflection in the sea of their different colour paintwork is very interesting.
Rust and rope.
This harbour never fails to entrance me. The sun on this day was glorious and the colours of the boats are like a rainbow reflected in the sea.
More rust and rubber floats.
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Beautiful Britanny

Just back from Beautiful Brittany again. I have been on the annual Pilgrimage to La Foire de St. Michel held at Brest, Brittany, France. I look forward to this trip every year. The weather was glorious when we left Plymouth on Friday morning. Once on board ship we always make a bee line to the Restaurant for a long leisurely lunch of the 'Glorious Brittany Ferries Buffet'. I adore sea food and the choice on this buffet is amazing. After over-indulging for about a couple of hours we made our way to the Cinema and watched 'Mama Mia'. I had already seen it but I love it so much I could watch it every day. It is fantastic and has a great feel good factor. I find myself smiling all the way through it. But I am biased I LOVE the Greek Islands and this film brings back all the wonderful memories of my holidays there during the 1980's.
We were up bright and early Friday morning to search out the textiles and by 10.30 a.m. had found loads of stuff and we were then able to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the day with a bit of sight seeing. Brest is a very interesting city. It was very badly damaged during World War II and there are a lot of new buildings integrated with the old. Our Hotel 'LE VAUBAN' is set in the very best position for the Markets. It has a nightclub in the basement and is not the quietest of places. Its Restaurant serves the most delicious food and it is the greatest place for people watching. Its clientel is truly cosmopolitan. The atmosphere is very very French - noisy and bustling - waiters rushing around and people coming and going. Saturday night is Disco night and we were in for a very noisy time. I don't think I slept at all - when the music finished at 4 a.m. the people turned out on to the pavements and were laughing and talking for what seemed an endless time. When they had gone the Market Traders started to arrive and set up their stalls for the days' trading. Even though I know that I am not going to sleep properly for a couple of days I still wouldn't miss it for the world.
One of the highlights of the trip is to be able to spend an hour at ROSCOFF before we board ship. It was another glorious day on Sunday and we were so looking forward to being able to take even more photographs of this charming little town but this time in glorious sunlight. When the coach stopped we were told we only had a 15 minutes stop. We were so disappointed but the sailing time was earlier than usual because of the tide. It was out a long way and still receeding so time was of the essence. I managed to take a lot more photographs of the type of things I usually spot. Piles of rust and rope and fishing boats.

I have masses of this type of photograph stored on my computer. I use them as inspiration for my textile works.
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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Another Trip to France

Just back from another trip to France buying gorgeous linen. We have a route now that we stick to for our 24 hour trip. The Ferry arrives at Cherbourg at 11.45 a.m. and this gives us just enough time to get to our first shopping stop. After shopping we have lunch at a super little Bar/Restaurant overlooking the town square. The weather wasn't very good for this trip so we ate inside. We have the same thing every time as it is so delicious. Quiche du maison. The pastry base is the lightest I have ever eaten and is always cooked to perfection.
After lunch we went on to various places and finished up at our Hotel laden with goodies and gasping for a glass of wine and one of their excellent meals.
I sometimes wonder what we go for??? Is it the textiles or is it the food.
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