Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Back to Work

I realise having read the description of this blog that I have posted very little, if any of my work!!! I seem to have concentrated on my travels!! It is true that I have been away from home a lot this summer and have not done very much Textile work. This will soon be remedied as there are several events coming up where I will be able to take some of my own work to sell.
The first is this Friday - Oh Lord!! - this is a Charity Sale in aid of SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND at Castle Cary, Somerset. I have two days to make some things. The things on my list are Lavender Bags made using vintage lace and silk and some Blanketty things and felted things.
I like making felt and while I was in France I bought some silk scarves to use for felting. I love soft, floaty Nuno felt and intend to produce some things using this technique. Whether it will be for this event or the next, time will tell. I have also been felting knitted things. I haven't done any knitting for years but now the winter is coming nearer it is a good thing to do sitting up in bed watching television!!!. My house is not the warmest even when the Central Heating is on and a log fire going, so the best option is to take some work to bed.!!

I must also start designing the quilt I want to do for the Contemporary Quilt Group for the Annual General Meeting of the Quilters Guild to be held at Swansea next year. I haven't been to an AGM since the last one held on the South Coast. Swansea is not too far for me to go and much easier than travelling up North. I would like to go to more of the Quilters Guild Events and Exhibitions but the majority are held a long way from Dorset, and most involve three to six hour drives. An outing like this would need a bit of planning and involve overnight stays which means that they cannot be undertaken spontaneously.

I am still enrolled on the Journal Quilt project run by the Contemporary Quilt Group which is an achievement in itself this year as I have been so busy. Last lap coming up. I enjoy taking part in this as it makes me do something competely different from the type of things I make to sell. This is also why I make a Quilt for the Festival of Quilts every year. I don't expect to win a prize but commiting to enter something makes me make it otherwise I would be juist making things for work all the time.

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