Monday, 29 December 2008

Journal Quilts2008

I have been part of the Contemporary Quilt Group Journal Quilt challenge for 2008. This year the format had to be 12" x 12". I found this to be a little easier that the previous year when it was A4. This year I have tried to be more disciplined and set myself the task of working to a theme. I decided to use my Jurassic Coast Sketchbook (for obvious reasons) as my source of design together with my photographs of my home town Lyme Regis and the places near to where I live such as the wonderful Portland Bill in rough and frantic weather and lovely Chesil Cove at sunset on a soft still summer's evening. I am quite passionate about this coastline, I feel part of it and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. The Sea, The Sea, such a powerful force - wild, beautiful, gentle, angry, calm, cruel, unforgiving, not to be underestimated or taken for granted - but always a source of wonder and amazement to me. I spend many hours just looking at it and if it is warm enough, bobbing about in it. I can't imagine not living beside it. I love the countryside fordifferent reasons but gazing out into the wide blue yonder is all the therapy I need on bad days.
I chose to work with ammonites for the first phase of quilts. The image I used was one of an ammonite found at Lyme Regis in the late 1800's. The first quilt with the single ammonite is a transfer paint print on to a piece of neutral coloured fabric. I did all the machine stitching and quilting and then rollered acrylic paint all over it. I then highlighted areas with gold paint and crayon. The hand stitching and beading was done after the paint had dried. The second one 'Triplets' was again a transfer print but this time I used a piece of mono-printed fabric for the background. I found this in a box of City and Guilds samples and as it looked a bit like rocks and sky I thought it would do the job. The ammonites were overdrawn, then stitched and then painted with metallic textile paint. I have been working along the coast so these first ones were based on Lyme Regis.

This quilt shows the change in colour along the coast towards Devon with its wonderful red cliffs. It is strip pieced using my own hand dyed fabrics. The little ammonites are transfer prints again.
I used to spend all my school holidays with my cousins at Exmouth in Devon when I was a child. We used to have such fun in a simple way. Picnics on the red sandy beaches sitting under the towering cliffs and also on Dartmoor when sudden squalls of rain meant everything had to be packed up quickly. Swimming in the icy rock pools on the Moor on better days. We all used to pile into my Uncle John's old Ford - I'm talking 1950's here - I was always afraid it wouldn't make it up the hills. 'Oh Happy Days'.


First one.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Lovely pieces Lizzie. I didn't realise you lived in Lyme Regis. I love all the coastline from Lulworth along to Lyme and beyond. Over the years we worked our way along on our annual holidays long before moving to Somerset. There's something magical about the Dorset coast so I understand what it means to you.

Happy New Year - see you at the Fairs no doubt.


lizzie said...

Thanks Sue. I was born in Lyme and we moved away when I was seven. I don't think I ever forgave my parents for taking me away.
Happy New Year to you too.