Sunday, 11 January 2009

Busy couple of weeks.

I have had a busy couple of weeks getting up to date with all the creative things that were waiting for me to feel like it again ! I managed to get my Journal Quilts finished and registered by the deadline date. These are the last four in my Jurassic Coast series. These are based on Portland and the Chesil Cove and Abbotsbury Swannery. The first one is taken from a photograph I took one evening last summer at Chesil Cove. The sunset was extraordinary. Pale and watery. For this little quilt I strip pieced the background then did the machine quilting . It was then rollered allover with acrylic paint and then I painted the sunset with acrylic paints.

This one is strip pieced with my own hand dyed fabrics and machine quilted.

For this one I have transferred some of my photographs to fabric with my printer and pieced it all together 'log cabin' style.

This last one is based at Abbotsbury Swannery - one of my favourite places. I have printed the images on to painted tissue paper and then bonded it to a backing of hand dyed fabric then densely machine quilted it with a spontaneouss feather design.
I have enjoyed being a part of the 2008 Journal Quilt Project run by the Contemporary Quilt Group. Sometimes I felt pressurized to the point of jacking it in but I am not that sort of person and am now basking in a glow of satisfaction at having completed it all in time and am looking forward to the next Challenge.


Genie said...

lovely work, thanks for the memories you are bring back of Abbottsbury Portland and Chesil

lizzie said...

Thanks Genie. I do love this Coastline.