Monday, 19 January 2009

Fun with Mixed Media

Before Christmas I bought myself a copy of Maggie Grey's new book 'Textile Translations'. This is a fabulous book full of the most wonderful mouthwatering photographs of mixed media projects. Although this book is aimed at Embroiderers, which I am not, there are lots of techniques and ideas for use in Contemporary Art Quilt making. Maggie has been publishing lessons online linked to the techniques in the book and these are two of the books I have made using the instructions from Lesson 1.

The covers have been made by coating pelmet vilene with gesso and embedding paper casts and pieces of distressed tyvek into the gesso while still wet, sprinkling with salt and then spraying with watered down 'Quink' fountain pen ink.
It was all painted again when dry and areas highlighted with gold wax. The pages inside have b een made with Indian Rag paper and stamped with an ancient script stamp.

This is another book made in the same way. I have called this one 'Scarlet Women'. The inside pages are made with Indian Rag paper again and stamped with images of Victorian, Edwardian and Twenties ladies. The cover is Pelmet vilene again with lace embedded into the gesso and painted with Acrylic paint when dry.

I am really enjoying participating in these lessons and am also enrolled on another online class with 'Fibre in Form'. My problem at the moment is finding the time to do all this.!!

On Wednesday I have a couple of students who are working on their Diploma project coming to my house to have a look at 'WW2 ' clothes and accessories, so tomorrow I must pay a visit to my store to get the things I need. I will post photographs of our meeting Thursday or Friday. I love Forties Fashion and have an extensive Library of Vintage Fashion Books so I hope to be as much help as I can to them.

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