Monday, 19 January 2009

Quilting Day Today

This is the bag I made at my local Quilting Group Meeting today. I had no idea what it was supposed to look like until I got there. I had just been given the list of requirements over the telephone by a friend. I was told to take 22 five inch squares in different fabrics. My first thought was 'Oh Lord, I have to cut all those squares'!! BUT on Sunday I drove down to Cornwall with my DH to Cowslip Workshops for Sunday Lunch and to see the Sandra Meech Exhibition before it closed. Lunch was excellent as always. The food at Cowslip is worth driving two hours for! After lunch I had a look at the exhibition, I have both of Sandra Meech's books and have taken a Sketchbook workshop with her a couple of years ago at Summer School, and it was great to see her work up close and personal.! I find her work fascinating.
After I had a good look at Sandra's exhibition I wandered down to the shop and lo and behold I found some pre-cut five inch squares in the Sale basket. I swooped on some batiks in lovely soft colours. There were five bundles of the same batiks and of course I bought all five - which amounted to 250 squares in total and I only needed 22!! Oh well!! I am very pleased with the bag I made with these fabrics and I must confess I am not a great fan of patchwork bags but I think the choice of fabrics is very important for this kind of thing. All the fabrics in my packs blended so well together . I am now all fired up to make more of these bags to help get rid of my stash of fabrics. With the remaining 225 batik squares I am going to make a patchwork throw - no wadding, just a backing fabric - an oldfashioned coverlet.


fontainefleurie said...

I think you did a beautifull job - I like this bag. I like to make such one with felt squares. I have tried to make the pattern, but I only count 12 squares, not 22. Do you use the pieces double? greetings Dorie

lizzie said...

Thank you Dorie. No there are 22 squares. I will draw up the pattern and let you have it. It is not my pattern so cannot put it on my Blog.