Monday, 23 February 2009

Archie. New addition to the family.

This is Archie, then new addition to the family. He has a broken shoulder as a result of probably getting stuck somewhere after running away from a dog. He is my daughter's cat but is now going to retire to my house. We have been keeping him in and trying to adjust him to his new surroundings. We already have two cats, which are his brother and sister from another litter. Also a large dog, which doesn't chase cats fortunately. Archie has yet to meet him!!!!!!!!!! I do hope he doesn't run away and get lost. We aim to keep in in for another week or two and hope that he will decide to stay with us.


Hens Teeth said...

Lizzie ~ I hope it works out soon with Archie, he's adorable.

lizzie said...

Yes. I love him to bits. He is such an affectionate little chap.