Monday, 9 March 2009

Crisis- What Crisis?

Oh dear, oh dear - my laptop has died!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been on the blink for a while now with
Windows not loading in properly but ever since my Darling Daughter allowed it to slip off the arm of the sofa to hit the floor a few days ago it has been giving me that dreaded blue screen!!!!!!!! and tonight it said enough is enough. I had loaded all the photographs I had taken ready for Ebay so will have to take some more tomorrow. I could have done without the expense this month as funds are low due to not having sold at any Vintage Fashion Fairs and nothing until 1st April at Ilminster Meeting House Arts Centre. However it must be repaired 'toute suite', I feel desolate, as if I have lost my right arm. Linda has very kindly offered to loan me hers so that I can continue with my work. She is a star. Earlier in the day I had visited her and she showed me the new shelves in her Studio as well as some very interesting things she had found lurking in boxes during the tidy up. One she has put on her Blog as an 'unidentified object'. I had a play with it but I do not know what it is intended for. The other object was easier for me to identify and sent me into a great state of excitement. I will take photographs and hopefully get to post them tomorrow. I am using my daughter's pc at the moment while babysitting and have not had a chance to take pics yet. All will be revealed tomorrow. It now belongs to me as Linda very kindly gave it to me.


Tracey said...

Hi Lizzie - I think the unidentified object on your friends blog is a copy of "the perfect pinker" ... I found info on it on this blog .... looks the same without a name.

lizzie said...

Thanks Tracey. I have my laptop back now and will be able to post the picture of the object Linda gave me that sent me into raptures!!