Thursday, 5 March 2009

Snow on the Beach

This morning we woke to a lot of snow again. I had a busy day ahead of me involving getting people from A to B in my car and I live on top of a very steep hill. In the past it has sometimes been a couple of days before we have been able to move our cars and I spent a couple of hours going around in circles trying to think of ways to escape! In the meantime the sun came out and the snow started to melt away. My main concern had been how I was going to get to the restaurant on the beach to have lunch with Linda and Loveday!!!!!
As I was driving along the Preston beach road the view was marvellous. The hills in the distance were covered in snow all the way down to the sea. I was a wonderful sight with the sun shining and the hills glistening.

We had an excellent lunch. The Restaurant is only small and started originally as a beach cafe. The situation is terrific and so is the food.


Vintage to Victorian said...

It looks as if your trip to France was a great success (as always). Lots of lovely things - will there be any left for Ilminster?

Can imagine the 3 of you lunching was a lively affair!


lizzie said...

There should be plenty of things for Ilminster. We are going again in three weeks! Yes we have a great lunch. Paella. yummy!!!!!!!!