Friday, 24 April 2009

Canary Bird is Singing Again

I have been waiting patiently for weeks now for this moment and it has been well worth it. My absolute favourite thing in the garden is this rose tree. I have been a bit worried about it as it was cut back quite severely. I am never sure of the right time to prune roses so it gets done when I think about it and have the time. I was afraid that myCanary Bird' would not flower this year but it is better than ever. It is the view from my kitchen window and stands like a yellow umbrella over the fish pond.
The same goes for this clematis. I cut it down as it had rambled everywhere and thought I had 'done for it' but it is beautiful again. I am always afraid to cut things back drastically in case I kill them and so the garden reverts back to nature after a while and becomes quite a jungle, but this year it has all been given a tidy up. I always get terribly excited when I see the new shoots pushing their way out of what looks like dead wood.
These primroses are offspring from ones that were brought from Lyme Regis by my Mum when my parents first moved into this house in the late 1950's. I love this time of year when the garden starts to fill with colour. As we haved removed an old rose and clematis laden arch that was buckling under the weight, there are areas now that are bathed in light again and I am looking forward to seeing what decides to pop its head up from under the gloom.

I have missed a lot of the sunshine this week as I have been catching up on some sewing jobs. I have finished the shirts for the Magician and have been finishing off my Journal Quilts for the end of the month deadline. There's nothing like a deadline to kickstart me into action. With less than two weeks to go I just have my notes to write up and I am finished. Just as well as Linda and I are off on the Ferry to France on Wednesday evening for another of our 'trolley dashes' around Brittany.

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