Saturday, 25 April 2009


I have managed to get my 2009 Journal Quilts finished for the first deadline. I have been very behind with them this year. I was ages deciding what to do and then one day during a massive pre-decorating sort out I found an old diary that I had bought just for the photographs. 'Earth from the Air' is the subject . The first one for January is a volcanic landscape. I used a piece of felt I had made with many different fibres, stitched into it and then painted on the detail.
This one is a piece of painted and heated Tyvek. I had painted the Tyvek in peacock colours and then heated it to shrink and distort it. I then layered up some cotton and sheer fabrics and laid the Tyvek on top and stitched into it.
For this one I wove strips of cotton fabric together, printed over the entire area, layered sheer fabric on top and then stitched heavily into it. The out came the heat gun and I burnt away some of the sheer fabrics to expose the printed background. I then hand stitched a paper cast I had made using a wooden Indian printing block on top with big stitches.
This one is made using a piece of old Durham quilt. I spread molding paste over a small area of the quilt and embedded a piece of antique lace into it. When this was dry I painted the lace with acrylic paint and the rest of the quilt was painted with diluted acrylic paint. When this was dry I hand stitched big stitches over the blue (sea) area. I call this one 'Reef''.

This is the first stage over. I can relax a bit now and think of what to do for the next four in Stage 2.


Linda said...

I think you have excelled yourself , they are fab

Linda said...

I think you have excelled yourself I love them

Lizzie said...

Thanks Linda. You know how long it has taken me to settle.!!!!!!!!!!!!

magsramsay said...

Really interesting interpretations and I love that you've been experimenting, that for me is the idea of JQ's. Pleased to see that I'm not the only one giving some old durham quilts a second life - great surfaces for painting on aren't they?

Lizzie said...

Thank you Margaret. The Durhams do take paint well but the antique textile person in me needed talking to a lot before I could paint it!!!!!!!!!! But better to use it like this than relegate it to the bin.