Thursday, 16 April 2009

Technology Problems Again

I am having trouble with my laptop again. So soon after having had a new hard drive. I think it is software problems this time. Internet Explorer refuses to work and I keep getting messages about being corrupt. I will carry on with the trusty Firefox until I can afford to get it looked at again, but although Firefox is a good browser my Website building tools don't support it and all my good intentions of getting the website up to date will have to go on hold.
The photographs are of an outfit I made in 2001 for a Department Store centenary. It is historically accurate to 1901 and I drafted the pattern from Janet Arnold's book 'Patterns of Fashion'. I have listed it on Ebay today. This is the last of my historically accurate stuff now. I have a couple more historical fancy dress outfits made for my shop, including a glorious black and red satin Lady Cavalier outfit complete with Tricorn hat bedecked with massive feathers. I did enjoy making all the historical stuff and there were lots of times when very raucous laughter would be echoing through the corridors of Brewer's Quay, where my shop was situated, when people had put things on the wrong way around.
I have it in mind to start making up costume again and selling it on Ebay. I have a cupboard full of fabric that was bought for the purpose including some luscious regency stripe brocades for waistcoats and jackets, and these things do sell well. At the moment I am making a couple of shirts for a Magician to wear on stage. One is finished and the other half done. The finished one is made of a silver holographic type fabric that turned me stir crazy when the sun was shining through the window on to it. Fortunately my beloved Bernina sewing machine was behaving itself and made the most beautiful set of buttonholes I have seen for a long time. I have after sewing for about 40 years started using the correct feet for the job.!!!!!!!!!!!It does make a difference. I have never been one to read instruction leaflets properly - just scan through and get on with the job and sort out the mistakes later. Always in too much of a hurry, though it wastes time in the long run. When I was a teenager I used to make a skirt to be worn out that night and when I was in my shop I used to work all day and sew all night. Those were the days. I can't do it now. I need my sleep and my eyes go on strike after midnight. I have already cut out my next project-a Regency ballgown in crushed raspberries and cream coloured silk. Once I have finished the Magician I will get going.


Linda said...

wow I had forgotten how lovely this dress is ..what a colour looks frais rouge to me

Vintage to Victorian said...

Those were the days Lizzie - out in the morning to buy the fabric, home in the afternoon making the dress, out in the evening sporting the creation. I'm like you - scan the instructions and then worry later if it doesn't work! How thrilling to have achieved the ultimate buttonhole though. Hats off to you!!!