Sunday, 31 May 2009


Have just got back from Kingston Maurward, Dorchester where the RACE FOR LIFE has been taking place. My daughter, grand-daughter and a friend were taking part.
It seemed a daunting task to cover 5 kilometers on such a hot day. Fortunately there has been a breeze blowing and this made it a little easier.
They all managed it past the finishing line. Martin Clunes was there to start the race and was there at the finishing line to cheer them all on. He's a nice chap. He lives in Dorset not far from Dorchester.
I think they did very well, as did all the participants. As usual I didn't get through the 2 or 3 hours without shedding a few tears. Everyone was racing for someone and all the runners had a label on their back with the names of loved ones. It was a lump in the throat moment for me and as much as I tried I couldn't stop myself reading every lable that went past me.
They should all be very proud of themselves and I know I am proud of my lot. Perhaps I will have a go myself next year. Better start training now!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Petworth continued

On the way back to the Horseguards Inn on Saturday evening we turned a corner and came upon these lovelies. I was allowed to stroke the pony owned by the little girl in the trap. His name was Alfie.!!! What an end to a lovely day.

Petworth House

Last Saturday I was at my local regional Quilters Guild Day at Sturminster Marshall where I had been invited to take my personal collection of Antique Costume to show them. It was a great day with lots of trade stands to browse and purchase yet more fabric from! The speaker in the morning session was Susan Chapman whose work I have always admired as well as her no-nonsense approach to things. She had brought plenty of her things for us to see and gave a very interesting and informative talk about her work and methods. My slot was in the afternoon and I think I managed to keep everyone interested and entertained. We packed up at about 4 p.m. and I then loaded my car and set off for Petworth in Sussex. I was going to join Linda there where she had a stand at the Costume and Textile Fair being held there in Marquees in the grounds. It was quite a long drive made longer by a few of my detours!!!!!! but I arrived about 6.30 p.m. just in time for a large glass of red wine and an excellent meal.
We were staying at the Horseguards Inn at Tillington. Such a lovely place, run by young people who were the most charming hosts. The room was beautiful and spotlessly clean and the food and service excellent. It deserves 5*****. If you are ever in the vicinity it is well worth going to have a look. They are very green and have their own chickens for eggs, make their own marmalade, grow their own herbs and veg. Quite something.
Petworth House is a delight and the grounds are beautifully kept. We had our own little tented village with a Deli Bar and a Jazz Band. The weather was scorching and it got so hot in our Marquee that I had to shed some layers and ended up wearing one of our dyed linen shifts!
The business was good and we sold a lot of our French linen which is excellent news as it means we have to go back and get some more!!
Horseguards Inn, Tillington.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Textiles at Poundbury

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5338396600167100514" /> We had a grea day at Poundbury on Wednesday. The weather was dry and sunny but quite windy which was a little troublesome for the people with stalls outside. However, it didn't rain which was a big plus.
I was indoors with all my costume and pretty bits. It was busy and the atmosphere was friendly and jolly with lots of regular customers and quite a few new faces turning up.

On Saturday I am one of the Speakers at the Quilters Guild Region 4 Area Day held at Sturminster Marshall. I shall be taking along my collection of Antique Costume to show them. I shall also have some of my own work with me for the 'Show and Tell'. When I first started Patchwork and Quilting I was influenced a lot by my interest in Antique Textiles and used a lot of reproduction printed fabrics. Now, my work has changed and I only use fabrics that I have dyed myself. When I have finished at Sturminster Marshall I shall be driving straight to Petworth, in Sussex to join Linda who has a stand at the Textile and Costume Fair at Petworth House. It will be a long day but it will be a nice break of sorts as we don't come back to Dorset until Monday evening.

Happy Bank Holiday week-end everyone.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

More Motoring Adventures

Tomorrow I am going to be driving to RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall to bring my No. 1 Grandson home. He has been there this week completing an intensive driving course. He had his test today and failed!! He has the opportunity to take it again tomorrow at 1.15 p.m. However this means that he will miss his lift back home. SOS Mum and Granny!!!!! Public transport back from this area of Cornwall to Dorset is ridiculously complicated. Taxi costing £30 from Culdrose to Redruth and then train from Redruth to Castle Cary which is miles from home and would involve going there to pick him up costing probably in the region of £70. So it is far easier to go straight to Cornwall to fetch him. I used to drive past Culdrose on my way to stay with a friend when I used to work at the Fleamarket in Truro in the 1980's. Of course then it was a one-way journey - tomorrow I have to drive there and back. According to the AA it takes 3 hours and 28 minutes. They haven't of course allowed for any 'Lizzie Detours'. When I looked at the map to re-acquaint myself with the route I realised that when I volunteered for the job I had forgotten about half of the journey.!!!!!!!!! Never mind, nothing is too much trouble for this boy. We have just learnt that he is going to Afghanistan in October so we must make the most of our time with him until then.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bluebell Woods

I had a break from decorating the living room today and went to Netherbury, near Bridport to visit a client. I had fairly complicated instructions on how to find the house and set off fully prepared to encounter a few problems.
It was a beautiful sunny day and I know Netherbury is set in the most beautiful countryside so I was looking forward to the journey. I am famous for my lack of sense of direction! I'm inclined to get in the car and drive until I see the signposts to where I want to go.
Today was no exception and I went on an extended journey which took me around in a huge circle!! At one point I was heading back the way I had come. In hindsight I could have gone by a more direct and shorter route but if I had done that then I would have missed this stunning bluebell wood.
As I was travelling down the hill towards Beaminster it was there on my left and the sight took my breath away. I even had a conversation with myself about it!!!!!!!!
I eventually found where I was supposed to be going. My client lives at the top of a hill, high over Netherbury and the view from her windows is amazing. Nothing in front of the house except miles and miles of rolling hills. I came back home the same way, and stopped to take the photographs then. A sight to gladden the heart and something money can't buy. I don't know why I don't go out more often.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

FRENCH RUST IS DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Wanderings in France

Linda and I have been to France again. Another great trip where we found lots of goodies at various places. Linda has written a full version on her blog Lindiblog so I won't go into great detail on this one. We went to some new places which turned out to be very productive one of which left a lasting impression. Madame was deaf and we were shouted at for about an hour!! Bad enough in English but quite unnerving in French. She was very sweet inspite of this and not allowing us to look in her cupboards. We will need all our courage to go back there again on our own as Ticky, our friend, was with us and she speaks fluent French and did the translation bit when we became stuck. I must say that being shouted at does not help the command of a foreign language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took lots of pictures of my favourite thing - RUST - at the shouty lady's place. Her husband was very sweet and he managed to get into one of the photos while I was lusting after his little stone barn!!!!

Coming back it was a beautiful day and the Captain brought us home the scenic route all the way up the coast of France.

Back to reality now and lots of washing and ironing for Honiton on Tuesday.