Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bluebell Woods

I had a break from decorating the living room today and went to Netherbury, near Bridport to visit a client. I had fairly complicated instructions on how to find the house and set off fully prepared to encounter a few problems.
It was a beautiful sunny day and I know Netherbury is set in the most beautiful countryside so I was looking forward to the journey. I am famous for my lack of sense of direction! I'm inclined to get in the car and drive until I see the signposts to where I want to go.
Today was no exception and I went on an extended journey which took me around in a huge circle!! At one point I was heading back the way I had come. In hindsight I could have gone by a more direct and shorter route but if I had done that then I would have missed this stunning bluebell wood.
As I was travelling down the hill towards Beaminster it was there on my left and the sight took my breath away. I even had a conversation with myself about it!!!!!!!!
I eventually found where I was supposed to be going. My client lives at the top of a hill, high over Netherbury and the view from her windows is amazing. Nothing in front of the house except miles and miles of rolling hills. I came back home the same way, and stopped to take the photographs then. A sight to gladden the heart and something money can't buy. I don't know why I don't go out more often.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vintage to Victorian said...

It's by far the best way to set off without really knowing how to reach where you're going. We did that last year and came across a wonderful mile of oak trees lining our route, and spreading into the adjacent fields, which we would have missed if we'd taken the 'proper' route. I've never seen so many in one area. Such a treat.

Have reorganised my Dairy House day and will be coming to Poundbury.


Lizzie said...

Great. it will be good to see you.

Linda said...

What lovely pictures we should all get lost more often !
great to see you yesterday , love your new colours