Monday, 4 May 2009

More Wanderings in France

Linda and I have been to France again. Another great trip where we found lots of goodies at various places. Linda has written a full version on her blog Lindiblog so I won't go into great detail on this one. We went to some new places which turned out to be very productive one of which left a lasting impression. Madame was deaf and we were shouted at for about an hour!! Bad enough in English but quite unnerving in French. She was very sweet inspite of this and not allowing us to look in her cupboards. We will need all our courage to go back there again on our own as Ticky, our friend, was with us and she speaks fluent French and did the translation bit when we became stuck. I must say that being shouted at does not help the command of a foreign language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took lots of pictures of my favourite thing - RUST - at the shouty lady's place. Her husband was very sweet and he managed to get into one of the photos while I was lusting after his little stone barn!!!!

Coming back it was a beautiful day and the Captain brought us home the scenic route all the way up the coast of France.

Back to reality now and lots of washing and ironing for Honiton on Tuesday.

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