Sunday, 31 May 2009


Have just got back from Kingston Maurward, Dorchester where the RACE FOR LIFE has been taking place. My daughter, grand-daughter and a friend were taking part.
It seemed a daunting task to cover 5 kilometers on such a hot day. Fortunately there has been a breeze blowing and this made it a little easier.
They all managed it past the finishing line. Martin Clunes was there to start the race and was there at the finishing line to cheer them all on. He's a nice chap. He lives in Dorset not far from Dorchester.
I think they did very well, as did all the participants. As usual I didn't get through the 2 or 3 hours without shedding a few tears. Everyone was racing for someone and all the runners had a label on their back with the names of loved ones. It was a lump in the throat moment for me and as much as I tried I couldn't stop myself reading every lable that went past me.
They should all be very proud of themselves and I know I am proud of my lot. Perhaps I will have a go myself next year. Better start training now!!!!!!!


Linda said...

Well done your lot! I sponsered my god daughter and friend had forgotten Lisa was there tell her to put me down for a fiver! xx

Lizzie said...

Thanks Linda, they were still getting over it today.!!