Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fair Update

On Saturday we drove to Bath to set up our stand for the Vintage Fashion Fair at the Assembly Rooms on Sunday. Sunday was a very warm day and we did not see an awful lot of people so things were quite quiet. Just before it was time to pack up we were made to feel a little better with the arrival of a late customer who went round the room like a whirlwind buying things from almost everyone. I think she saved the day for some of us.
We were sitting underneath the chandeleir all day!! Thank goodness it was securely in place.

I have had a busy few days. We were at Calne in Wiltshire Thursday and Friday for a Talent for Textiles Fair.

We travelled to Calne on Thursday and spent the night in B&B in Calne town centre. Not a very big Town and not very much to see but what there is is interesting and the redevelopments have been done very tastefully.
We had a successful day selling our goodies and travelled back home Friday evening.

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