Thursday, 9 July 2009

Little Gems

This is what I have been doing most of the day today. I should have been getting ready to go to Bradford on Avon tomorrow to keep Linda company on her stand at the Talent for Textile Fair there. The photograph shows my contribution to the Little Gem project. I started a large version of this at a workshop with Kate Dowty earlier in the year. I decided to cut the original into four pieces and this is one of the pieces finished. I hope to get the other three done for the Festival of Quilts. I will post this one off this week and take the others with me when I go to Birmingham in August.
When I started this workshop I was not sure if I was going to get it finished because it is very different from the things I usually do but it came to me in a 'eureka' moment that I should cut it up and perhaps I would cope with it better. If I don't get the others finished in time I will donate them to the Alzheimer project that we are doing in November. I will blog about that a bit closer to the time.
Well its off to bed for an earlier than normal night as I have to get up and find my way to Bradford on Avon tomorrow.


Raggy said...

I just love this work of yours. The colour combinations and textures you have used are gorgeous. Thank you for showing it.
Sandie at Rag Rescue

Lizzie said...

Thanks Sandie for your kind words.