Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Supremes at Bath Fashion Museum

I had a wonderful day today at Bath with Linda. We travelled up to Bath where we met Yvonne at the Assembly Rooms for the opening day of the Exhibition that she has been organising - 'The Story of THE SUPREMES from the Mary Wilson collection'. It was fantastic - very cleverly arranged so that on entrance the whole of the exhibition is not in view and to see everything you must follow the layout of tall false walls which are covered with images and information about the Supremes from their foundation in 1959. Running alongside the glamour of show business are displays of black and white photographs and written information about what it was like to be a black person in the USA in the 1960's dominated by images of Dr. Martin Luther King. There are also plasma screens showing video footage of the Supremes in Concert and Martin Luther King speaking at various rallyes. The sound from both these things is running at the same time so that you can hear Supremes hit songs and Martin Luther Kings voice delivering some of his famous and unforgettable addresses. This is not intrusive, the volume is set at just the right level, so that you are aware of it and one does not overpower the other. I think it is a triumph. It creates a powerful and dramatic atmosphere. I have to confess it moved me to tears. What is it about Martin Luther King that is still so strong and potent after all these years?? His voice never fails to affect me.

The dresses are glorious in all their sixties and seventies splendour. Lots of glam and glitz. It is a beautifully put together Exhibition and I think Yvonne should feel very proud of herself for masterminding the design. There is much more to it than a room full of 'old frocks'. That's blasphemy from a Vintage Fashion Dealer!!!!!!!!

Mary Wilson was there too this morning. So beautiful in the 'flesh'. More beautiful than the photographs and a very gracious and charming lady. She signed our books and posters for us. For me it was an unforgettable experience. The exhibition runs until the 31st August. It is well worth the trip.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs - this was understandable as most of the dresses are featured in a V&A book 'The Story of the Supremes' which is all photographs with a Foreward written by Mary Wilson. This is the book that I bought and Mary signed for me. I apologise for the quality of the photograph at the top of this post but I forgot to turn off the flash!!!!!!!!!


BusyLizzie said...

wow, Lizzie- that looks fab!
lizzie xx

Lizzie said...

It was absolutely fabulous. Yvonne has done a good job.

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Thanks for following the new DH blog. Exciting times!

What a great time you must have had in Bath, and for Mary Wilson to sign your books, too.

Belated birthday greetings!


Lizzie said...

Thanks Sue, and good luck with everything.