Sunday, 30 August 2009

Festival of Quilts and More

Well I am back from Birmingham and four exhausting days enjoying myself!! I had a foul cough and sore throat for most of the time but still managed to enjoy myself. Some of the quilts were more than amazing and the individual exhibitions were just fantastic. I spent quite a time at my favourite place 'The Virtual Studio' watching Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn produce amazing surface design fabric. The fabrics produced in their workshops are an art form and just need to be hung. Cutting it up doesn't come into the equation.

Chunghi Lee, the Korean Artist had a wonderful exhibition of Pojagi and her fabric installations screen printed with 'the ordinary worman' were amazing. I went to her lecture Friday afternoon but the dreaded cough meant I missed some of it. Needless to say I made quite a few purchases but didn't get the books I wanted as they had sold out on the first morning before we arrived!! I must confess that I did buy some fabric - more American Civil War reproductions - I have a couple of quilts in mind to make and need a big stash of these.

I helped on the Little Gems Tombola stand, this was very busy every day and a huge sum of £9,700 was raised for the Guild Museum at York. A very satisfying reward for everyone's hard work.

Saturday evening we went to the 'Strictly Come Dancing' Cabaret evening. This was great fun and after our meal we all had a chance to test our dancing skills!!!!!!!!!

We drove home on Sunday morning without any hold-ups feeling tired and exhilarated with everything we had seen.

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Ruthie Powers said...

Lizzie, I am drawn to Claire and Leslie as well. Here, we have Jane Dunnewold who teams up with them on projects and books. They are so inspirational. Glad to meet you. Ruthie