Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sheds and Stuff

Linda has been talking about sheds on her Blog recently and asking for photographs of others sheds. Well here is the inside of mine, nothing fancy, frilly, or girly twirly in here (lady in the corset excepted!). This is where I go to work and to escape the infernal television.
As usual I have too much stuff. Everything but the kitchen sink is in here. Not a lot of working space but on sunny days like today I work outside. I have been working in my shed all day today on my Journal Quilts. Trying to catch up before the end of the month.
This is what has taken me most of the day! I cut strips from some of my hand printed papers and fabrics and wove them together. The Air was fairly Blue during this process! Then I printed over the whole thing with Indian printing blocks in acrylic paint and gold paint. It is another of my 'Earth from the Air ' series and the original photograph is of Indian hand dyed cloths laid out on the ground to dry. I have the stitching to do yet but I think it will be OK.
Of course once I had got out the paints and printing blocks I had to go on. This is a gold acrylic paint print on some fabric I put in my Indigo vat a little while ago. Now - what to do with it???
This smaller piece I could use as a Journal Quilt. The printing block is the same one as I had used to make a paper cast which I used in a previous Journal. I need to be speedy as the end of August will soon be here and that is the deadline for this phase.

I am off to the Festival of Quilts next Thursday - whoopeee!!!!!!!! I can't wait. Three days staying at the Hilton, swimming in their lovely pool. Not to mention the Quilt Show. Note to myself - DO NOT BUY ANYMORE FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BusyLizzie said...

those groaning shelves look very familiar to mine! Have a lovely time away quilting & NOT buying fabric!
Lizzie x

Linda said...

Well done Lizzie you are a star! great to see what you have been doing up in your ivory tower!
I say that as you have to climb to your studio
your work looks fantastic you have been creative