Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blogger's Block

It has been a while since I added a new Blog. I have been very busy doing one thing and another, mostly working, and I just haven't had the time or inclination. Its been hard enough trying to remember where I am supposed to be going next so writing anything amusing or interesting has been well down on the list. After the Textile Fair at the American Museum I was at Shepton Mallett 3 day Fair, which turned out to be very successful in spite of my misgivings. I think the weather helped a lot, it was a wonderful sunny week-end and as we were outside I think that was more than fortunate.

This last week-end I was in France on our annual pilgirmage to La Foire de St. Michel at Brest. The weather was gorgeous again which always makes life easier as we walk miles during the day up and down the hilly streets of Brest looking for goodies to bring home. This year we didn't find as much as we have done in the past but we were pleased with what we did find. The washing machine has been working overtime today getting things ready for this week-end. I am at the International Napoleonic Fair at Kingston Maurward House, Dorchester on Saturday and Sunday. I am really looking forward to it as I love Living History Ren-enactment. I shall be taking lots of gorgeous French linen/hemp shifts and sheets as well as a selection of gorgeous 19th century buttons, lace and clothing. I have been ironing gauzy white muslin skirts and blouses as well as frothy white petticoats. I love to see all these lovely white things hanging around together.

Unfortunately my digital camera has died and so has the spare one. I was unable to take any photographs and am quite bereft. I hadn't budgetted for a new camera this month but will have to get one from somewhere. Mine gave up the ghost at Shepton Mallet which was a pity as I had a lovely shot of Linda stood on top of her car removing tarpaulins from the top of the Gazebo!!!!!!!!! Oh well, perhaps the Council Tax can wait for a couple of days!!!!!! I can't go to Kingston Maurward without one. As well as spending the day washing I have been slaving over a hot sewing maching making myself something to wear. Empire line is not my preferred choice of waistline as I am a bit too voluptuous up top but at least it will hide my expanding waistline. I really must go on some sort of diet!! As soon as I haved acquired a new camera I will post some photos!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

American Museum at Bath

The recent Talent for Textiles Fair at the American Museum near Bath was a great success. We all had a very busy day and Linda and I were especially pleased to have lots of customers for our fabulous French linens and goodies. So thank you to all of you who came to make the day such a success.
These lovely Bears were brought all the way from France and are entirely made by hand with vintage french fabrics. Nathalie their maker takes the greatest care with them and makes their clothes as well from vintage fabrics and lace that she hand dyes herself to make them truly unique.
I am sure you will agree that they make a lovely display. I wonder what they made of their first visit to England!!