Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Hardy Quilters

The Hardy Quilters is my local Patchwork and Quilting Group. We meet on the third Monday of each month, except summer holidays. We are anxious to recruit new members as we are a comparatively small group. We meet at Osmington Village Hall which is a lovely large, light room, with all essential facilities i.e. toilets and kitchen for making a cup of tea!! We hold various workshops throughout the year and have visiting Speakers. Some of these Speakers are nationally known and travel quite a distance to talk to us. With spiralling costs it is essential that we recruit more members to enable the Group to keep going and still enjoy the benefit of visiting Teachers and Speakers. Anyone wishing to join the Group will be welcomed with open arms regardless of skill. There is great opportunity for Beginners to learn the Basics and then go on to form their own style of working. Many members have been with the Group since its birth and are traditional patchwork and quilters but there are also members who approach things in a different way and use innovative techniques.

If you would like to join our Group please contact me. Have a look at the Blog I have just created - or our email address is There is a link in the sidebar to the Hardy Quilters Blog.

The photograph shows the Group quilt made for the Quilters Guild Challenge - Button Up Quilt - in 2008. This one together will all the other submissions were buttoned up and displayed all around the walls of an area at the Festival of Quilts.

Friday, 23 October 2009


I have added a link to this fabulous charity website. You will need to scroll down to the links section. Please, please have a look at it. They are doing such wonderful work for our troops. We are busy getting a parcel ready to send out to Will. His wish list is very basic - digital clock, boiled sweets, thick socks (they are only issued with 4 pairs!!) camping pillow. He is fine, although not enjoying working nights!!! It is amazing how matter of fact he is about it all. I suppose they just concentrate on every day matters and don't explore the wider picture too much. He is into his second week now -only seven more to go!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

First Tour

This is my eldest Grandson with his Grandad all ready to go back to Base and make ready for Afghanistan. Everyone put on a brave face for him except myself. I wasn't there as I was working and that was a blessing in disguise. If I had been there I would probably have started his mother off as well!! She did very well to keep control of her emotions and not blub all over him. He hates it!!!! We are now all counting the days until he is home again. Hopefully in time for his Christmas dinner! His is only a short trip this time but he will be there again next year. He is an adventurer and we as a family have to get used to the fact that he will always put himself up for front line. It is what he has been trained for and what he wants to do - it is hard for those who love him to see him off. I passed them on the road on my way back from Shepton Mallet which is an other story.

The day started early and was dry. Weather forecast was promising. Linda and I had an outside stand so took the Gazebo and tarpaulin. We set up in the dry, feeling pleased with ourselves that we had gone prepared. We had breakfast, did some business and then it started. A fine misty drizzle that gets everywhere. Then the wind got up and that did it. The Gazebo took off but was saved by being tied down to Frieda the Volvo. It was resting upside down on the roof of the car!!!!! We managed to get it down to ground level again for a little while but it went again and this time was done for. We decided to pack up and go home. First we had to collapse the Gazebo which was not easy as it had become twisted so we had to enlist the help of the Security staff at the site!! All the time this was going on everything was uncovered and was getting wet. All our lovely textiles, vintage clothes, lace, buttons, haberdashery got soaked. The men took away the remains of the Gazebo to the dump and then to add insult to injury the wind took the clothes rail and everything went down in to what was by now mud!!!!!!!!! All the beautiful laundered white baby gowns and victorian underwear all wet and muddy as well as a gorgeous 1960's designer suit and 1920's black velvet jackets. Oh my word, what a test for the sense of humour!! Now the work starts; it is three weeks until our next Fair and everything must be ready to go out again. My worst job will be to salvage all my beautiful buttons and resew them on to new cards. Not what I had anticipated having to do at all as I still have curtains to make for the living room, and some new stock items for the Christmas Fairs. Oh well, no peace for the wicked - I don't think I shall ever attone for my sins, or is it all the mirrors I have broken????????????????

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Napoleonics at Kingston Maurward.

There are times when getting up at 5 a.m. to get in the car and drive for miles to work is a chore but not today. I was up at 5 a.m. but only had to drive 8 miles to Dorchester and today was one of the days I loved my job as I was heading to the Internation Napoleonic Living History Fair at Kingston Maurward House in Dorchester. When I arrived the camps were still sleeping in readiness for a busy day of drills and battles or from over-indulgence in the Beer Tent the previous evening!!
I was the first Trader to arrive in my Hall and I quietly and leisurely set up my stall as I had three and a half hours to do so. I was more or less finished by 8.30 a.m. so made my way to the Restaurant and had a full English breakfast!!! Well it was going to be a long day and as I was on my own I was not sure I would be able to get away from my stall for Lunch.!!
I was pleased with the way it looked and was looking forward to an interesting day. I wasn't to be disappointed.
Soon people from differentt walks of life began drifting in to have a look around before the activities started. A few of my readers may know that I am a sucker for a uniform and there were plenty of those about today. No Sean Bean but you can't have everything.!!
The photograph above shows my favourites of the day. The lady was my first customer and was lovely and I admired her Revolution type costume (it must be the stripes). Then her husband arrived before I knew he was her husband, if you know what I mean! It was the blue ticking patches on his knees that made me think they were a couple. The other gentleman was a friend of theirs . Last but not least the photograph below shows my lovely little friend Natalie.
I have known Natalie since she had just left School. She came to work in my shop and got hooked on Antique Textiles and Costume and went on to take a Degree in Costume for the Stage and Screen at Bournemouth Arts Institute. After she graduated she went to London to work at the Rose Bruford College of Performing Arts and was there for quite a few years. She is a member of the Napoleonic Association and now is in business for herself making historical uniform and costume for Re-enactors, the National Trust and private individuals. She makes the most exquisite things for herself and others and works very hard. I am very fond of her. Take a look at her Blog