Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Hardy Quilters

The Hardy Quilters is my local Patchwork and Quilting Group. We meet on the third Monday of each month, except summer holidays. We are anxious to recruit new members as we are a comparatively small group. We meet at Osmington Village Hall which is a lovely large, light room, with all essential facilities i.e. toilets and kitchen for making a cup of tea!! We hold various workshops throughout the year and have visiting Speakers. Some of these Speakers are nationally known and travel quite a distance to talk to us. With spiralling costs it is essential that we recruit more members to enable the Group to keep going and still enjoy the benefit of visiting Teachers and Speakers. Anyone wishing to join the Group will be welcomed with open arms regardless of skill. There is great opportunity for Beginners to learn the Basics and then go on to form their own style of working. Many members have been with the Group since its birth and are traditional patchwork and quilters but there are also members who approach things in a different way and use innovative techniques.

If you would like to join our Group please contact me. Have a look at the Blog I have just created - or our email address is There is a link in the sidebar to the Hardy Quilters Blog.

The photograph shows the Group quilt made for the Quilters Guild Challenge - Button Up Quilt - in 2008. This one together will all the other submissions were buttoned up and displayed all around the walls of an area at the Festival of Quilts.

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Linda said...

Looks good enough to eat ! being a chocolate lover would give me lots of pleasure without the calories Linda