Thursday, 12 November 2009

Time Wasters

I am always bemoaning the fact that I seem to run out of time. The jobs stack up, the dealines get closer and closer and I seem to run around in ever increasing circles. I have a load of sewing to do before Linda and I take off for Cowslip Workshops next week-end. It is the annual Christmas Craft Fair and I like to take some things that I have made using vintage textiles as well as bits and pieces of the raw materials. Every time I think 'Oh I need to get in that cupboard' or 'I will use the embellisher to do that job' I am cut short in my tracks as I can't bear to disturb my sleeping felines. They always manage to perch themselves just where I want to be. Sometimes I do have to be a bit hard hearted but most times things are put off for another time, but with three of them around the house it gets hard to find somewhere to work. Never mind I wouldn't be without them. Oops I have to go I am being prodded in the back by Archie who wants to get on my lap!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda said...

Hi I have looked at your web site and think its looks great! xxLinda

Hens Teeth said...

It's alright for some! :-)