Friday, 1 January 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. I'd like a five pound note for every time I have said or written that in the last 24 hours!!!!! Well that was 2009 sent on its way. I think I agree with the Queen when she said 2009 was best forgotten. It has not been the easiest of years for us as a family but lets hope this one will be better.

I spent New Years Eve catching up with my Journal Quilts. 31st December was the deadline and I just made it. I loaded the photographs on to the group website with seconds to spare!!! I am going to try to be kinder to myself this year and not leave things to the last minute!! Famous last words - I say it all the time - but I don't seem to be able to get motivated until time is running out. Seems like I will always be 'Last Minute Lizzie'.

I am quite pleased with what I have produced. Two abstracts and two photo transfers. All but one - the one on the far right of the picture as you look at it - were inspired by photographs I had taken around this coastline. The other one is a photo I found in the copyright free image archive on the Yellowstone National Park website. It is of icicles on trees. As I have spent most of December frozen to the marrowbone I thought it quite fitting!!. These last four Journal Quilts are going to hang together on the Contemporary Quilt stand at various Quilt and Stitchcraft Shows this year so the extra pressure was to have four that complimented each other. I seem to favour a restricted and muted palette of colours and have to make myself introduce something brighter, sometimes I don't bother but stick with what I like. This was one of the criticisms I had when I handed in my work at the end of my C&G Sketchbook course. I personally think that it is important to work with what you are comfortable with and stretch yourself when necessary. I think that this is why I leave everything to the last minute! Weeks of planning have in the past gone down the drain once I have started something. The idea is the same but the result is always much different. The longer I have to plan the more complicated things get whereas if time is running out instinct takes over.

Linda came down from Dorchester to see me when I was in the throes of it all and posted photos on her blog of work in progress!!!! The picture above is the result. Four small Journal Quilts for September, October, November and December. I wonder what the challenge will be this year?