Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Day out to Cowslip Workshops

Yesterday I drove three friends down to Cornwall.  They were booked on a day workshop with Katerine Guerrier.  As I love visiting Cowslip workshops I offered to drive them.  The weather was foul but I am used to driving in all weathers.  They had a very industrious day and I 'chilled'.  I had a good look around the shop and bought two more books!!!!!!!  then went to the Restaurant for tea and cake - I had breakfasted at 6 a.m. and was getting hungry again by 10.30.  I spent the morning sat in the warmth reading my new books.  One of them is dedicated to using photographs in quilts and there are many, many fabulous pictures of quilts made by the Author.  When lunch time came I was invited by Jo to sit with all the others at the large table that had been prepared for them.  One of the highlights of visiting  Cowslip is their Restaurant and if you are participating in one of their Workshops you have the option to bring your own lunch  or for a nominal sum have what they call a 'simple workshop lunch'!!!   It was far from simple - we had soup and home baked bread to start and the table was laid up with a fabulous array of salads. Once lunch was over the girls all shot off to the shop before the aftenoon session started again.  As did I.  I managed to come home without any fabric this time!  While I was there I signed up for a course that I have been wanting to do for ages, but life has always interfered!! It is with Charlotte Yde - I have put a link to her website in the sidebar and also Katherine Guerrier.  The workshop I am going to do is 'Series' and it is over my birthday weekend which means I will be away from home for my birthday but it is not a problem for me.  It is just another day at my time of life and I shall be doing something I enjoy.
Towards the end of the afternoon I went and sat in the Workshop with the girls.  They had all produced some lovely things - they had spent the day cutting and piecing House blocks and wonky pinwheels.  I don't need to go to a workshop to produce wonky pinwheels - my stuff is always wonky!  I have an aversion to straight lines.  No matter how often I measure, check, re-check usually no two blocks end up the same size!!!  Just as well I prefer doing more random, arty stuff.  Which reminds me Dorset Arts Weeks is looming on the horizon and I should get down to producing something soon.  Oh well, after Easter.  Linda and I are off to Cornwall to work over Easter.  Good Friday and Easter Saturday at Wadebridge County Showground and Easter Monday at Portscatho Village Hall.  Perhaps I will have time to think about it!!!!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


It has been quite a while since my last post.  I have been in a 'backwater', 'up the creek without a paddle' 'lost my muse' or some such other excuse, but I am relieved to say it seems to have passed and my brain and imagination are working again.  So far the thinking hasn 't connected itself to my hands and the 'creating' is still being avoided.    Deadlines are looming and there is nothing like a deadline to spur me into action.!
Yesterday we were at Ilminster Arts Centre at the regular Talent for Textiles Fair.  This is always a very enjoyable day, truly mixing business with pleasure.  Meeting up with old friends and making new ones.  Always lots of interesting things to look at and sometimes a treasure to buy!  I found one yesterday and was a very happy bunny.  I bought a very pretty Regency dress!  It is not in perfect condition, but in the right hands could be restored and made strong enough to display.  This one is for me.  I have a small collection - about 25 - of early dresses ranging from 1760 to 1920.  Some I have had for many years but some things get sold to make way for something else I have fallen in love with.  This latest addition will fill a gap in the collection.

It has been a busy week work-wise.  Last week-end Linda and I were standing at Shepton Mallett Antique and Collector's Fair for three days.  Two days later we were at Ilminster and next week we are off to Cornwall.  We are going to be at the Cornwall County Showground at Wadebridge standing at the Antique, Collectors Fair on Good Friday and Easter Saturday inside the Pavilion and then we travel down a bit to Truro for a 2 night stopover and a bit of a rest before we take part in the HOMESPUN Fair at Portscatho. Click on the Homespun image in the side bar to go to their website.  We are really looking forward to being back in Cornwall again.