Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Breakthrough at Quilt Museum

I think I made a post a while back about my Quilt 'Chesil' being accepted for the Contemporary Quilt Challenge 'Breakthrough'.  The exhibition of the quilts has now opened at the Quilt Museum in York and I can now show you photographs of what it looks like.  I was extremely excited when it was accepted and would love to go to York to see the quilts in situ, the trouble is it is a long way away and fitting a visit in with work commitments is a bit of a headache.  I took the Chesil Bank here in Dorset as my subject where it breaks through the land to form an inner lagoon at Fleet.  The photograph I used I took one evening at sunset last August.  Not a fiery sunset but one of those lovely watery ones.  This lovely coastline of ours here in  the West Country is a continual source of inspiration to me and I never tire of it.

I made this quilt by first painting up a board in  acrylic paints, layin g the colour down to create an impression of the photograph of the Fleet.  I then made a monoprint on to the background fabric.  When this was dry I added strips of torn fabrics, both sheer and hand dyed.  I had previously painted up a piece of 'Bondaweb' in the same way as the monoprint and when I had finished adding all my strips to the monoprint and the Bondaweb was dry I ironed it all over the surface therefore transferring the paint and securing all the strips.  This was the first time I had used this technique and I loved the result.  The next step was to make the quilt sandwich and do the machine quilting.

I haven't managed to get the photographs in the right order but I think you can get the idea of the process.

Having the freedom to work like this and still come within the bounds of quilting is one of the reasons I so much enjoy bing a part of the Contemporary Quilt Group. I am always pushed for time when I decide to produce something to a deadline and beat myself up all the time about not giving myself enough time to plan things properly incase thins go wrong and I have to start again.!!  However, if I do too much thinking before starting to do things, I go off the idea and think of something else so I usually start to do and think along the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


reensstitcher said...

I really like the idea of anchoring everything with painted Bondaweb. I must give it a try.

OhSoVintage said...

The weather certainly affected the show which was a shame. The leaflet advertised 100s of stalls outside of which there were none and 200 stalls indoors but I don't think there were that many. I did buy some nice things though. Falmouth is a lovely town. I used to work in M & S there in the 70s and we bought a lot of things from Trago when we were first married.

Linda said...

I think this looks stunning
I love most of what you do but thing this is a real piece of Art.
Great Blog by the way

Fichu1800 said...

Wonderful!! Amazing work.

magsramsay said...

Such a lovely atmospheric piece - and monoprinting on such a large scale , must try!
Look forward to seeing it in the flesh in a couple of weeks time.