Thursday, 27 May 2010


I took these lovely English Smocks with me to Petworth where they caused quite a stir!!!!!!!!!  I bought the three adult ones about 5 or 6 years ago at Auction here in Dorset and have had them secreted away ever since!  the child's I found recently.  I simply adore rustic rural garments and Smocks are the icing on the cake.  I thought that Petworth House was a fitting place to take them to be sold.  I sold two and brought two home to go back into hiding!!!

We had a great week-end, the weather was fabulous, if not perhaps a little too hot at times in the Marquee but it was glorious.  Linda and I were staying at the HorseGuards Inn at Tillington again.  Sam and Mischa were as ever very welcoming and our three nights spent with them was heaven.  The chef excelled himselft during what was a very busy week-end.  The food is faultless and Sam cooks a mean breakfast.

All in all it was a fabulous week-end and hope to be back again next year.  This year I managed to look inside the house.  There was a Costume exhibition on for the duration of the Textile Fair this was lovely but I was blown away by all the Art.  Up close and personal with Turner and Van Dyke .  It was wonderful.

Back to reality now and preparing for Dorset Arts Weeks which starts on Saturday.  I am exhibiting at the 'Full Gamut Gallery' on Chickerell Road, Weymouth, Venue 258 and tomorrow sees me out putting up signs.  I expect the Council will come along as they do every time and take them down again!!!!  Then of course is the Textile and Brocante Fair at Brownsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorchester on 2nd June.  Must get down to making some more things for that as I sold most of them at Petworth.  If you are in the area there is plenty to see and do for the next two weeks!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Linda and I have been at Cowslip Workshops again for the last three days.  We were there with our usual travelling shop plus a lot of different things.  Jo had told us that Julie Arkell was going to be there at the same time teaching.  What a treat this turned out to be.  I knew all about her work but had never met her and we were looking forward to being at Cowslip at the same time.  The photographs show some of Julie's work and the type of thing she was going to be teaching. 
She uses childrens vintage knitted clothes as her display medium and her whimsical jewellery and adornments looked fabulous.  The little boy's green trouser suit she bought from me.  I had had it for a long time, waiting for the right home and I was thrilled Julie had it as it goes so well with everything else she has.

We had a lovely time all together with her and her students for supper on Saturday evening and the the ladies were good customers too.!  Thank you ladies, very much and hope to see you all again some time.

About Julie

Julie Arkell, is one of the UK's best recognized contemporary folk artists working in papier-maché and mixed media. She combines stitch, knit, ephemera, vintage fabric and papier maché in her own distinctly personal and sophisticated way. Everything is produced by hand using knitted adornments, curious accessories, ribbons and found objects. The results are magically appealing and unique.

Her work has been exhibited at the Crafts Council of Great Britain and the Contemporary Applied Arts, and is collected both in the UK and the USA. She has had a bestselling book published by the Ruthin Craft Centre, simply called "Julie Arkell", featuring her work and studio.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

My favourite Picture

This is my favourite picture of the evening.  I love the shape of this silhouette.  When these beautiful old clothes are worn properly they are divine.  This model carries herself so well, everything she wears looks stunning.


Thank you to everyone who came to the show and gave their support to such a worthy cause.  And especially thank you to all Terri's team of models and dressers, it is quite a job getting everyone ready and out on time, I know well, as I used to help with this many years ago.  My heartfelt thanks goes to my friend Theresa for offering to put on this Show for Help for Heroes.  She works very hard for many Charities and loves every minute.  She like myself is a Costume Devotee and never gets bored with these beautiful things and their stories.