Sunday, 9 May 2010


Linda and I have been at Cowslip Workshops again for the last three days.  We were there with our usual travelling shop plus a lot of different things.  Jo had told us that Julie Arkell was going to be there at the same time teaching.  What a treat this turned out to be.  I knew all about her work but had never met her and we were looking forward to being at Cowslip at the same time.  The photographs show some of Julie's work and the type of thing she was going to be teaching. 
She uses childrens vintage knitted clothes as her display medium and her whimsical jewellery and adornments looked fabulous.  The little boy's green trouser suit she bought from me.  I had had it for a long time, waiting for the right home and I was thrilled Julie had it as it goes so well with everything else she has.

We had a lovely time all together with her and her students for supper on Saturday evening and the the ladies were good customers too.!  Thank you ladies, very much and hope to see you all again some time.

About Julie

Julie Arkell, is one of the UK's best recognized contemporary folk artists working in papier-maché and mixed media. She combines stitch, knit, ephemera, vintage fabric and papier maché in her own distinctly personal and sophisticated way. Everything is produced by hand using knitted adornments, curious accessories, ribbons and found objects. The results are magically appealing and unique.

Her work has been exhibited at the Crafts Council of Great Britain and the Contemporary Applied Arts, and is collected both in the UK and the USA. She has had a bestselling book published by the Ruthin Craft Centre, simply called "Julie Arkell", featuring her work and studio.


bois-fleurie said...

How I would love to have been able to see this artist at work, I love her originality

Linda said...

Great Blog Lizzie , yes it was a lovely weekend full of enthusiastic ladies in such a lovely spot. Thank you Jo and Stephen

Lizzie said...

Julie is a lovely lady and great fun. If you Google her name you will find lots of links to her work. She doesn't have a website, or at least I couldnd't find one to link to.

suezybees said...

lovely collection. really like her work. thanks for sharing : )

hensteeth said...

Oh what a blissful weekend.