Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Well here I am, home again after spending three exhausting but exhilarating days at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham.  There were so many beautiful quilts there it was difficult to decide which ones to photograph.  In this post I am showing photographs of quilts made by people I know personally, including myself!  I know I have probably missed some people off the list and I apologise for this.  It was very busy all the time around the quilt displays and taking photographs was not easy most of the time.  However I managed to take quite a few and some more than once!!

This first photograph shows my 'Breakthough'  Challenge quilt 'Chesil' ( middle bottom) hung with others made for the same challenge by members of Contemporary Quilt which is a group within the Quilters Guild of the British Isles.

 The second photograph shows a quilt made by Mai-Britt Axelsen who lives in the Channel Islands on Guernsey.  Mai-Britt is Danish and has been working on collage. 

The third photograph is of a quilt made by Kate Dowty for the Quilters Guild challenge ' Summer in the City'.  Kate received a 'Highly Commended' award for this quilt.  In her statement she said that she had thought about the song Summer in the City and imagined dancers on the roof tops against a hot summer sky.  She had drawn the dancers onto the fabric and each one was in a slightly different pose.  We are lucky here in Weymouth to have her as a member of our local quilting group 'The Hardy Quilters'.
The fourth photograph shows another of Kate's quilts.  This one is made with an entirely different technique and shows what a versatile artist she is.

Finally, the last photograph is of 'Graffitti' the quilt made by Hilary Gooding for the Summer in the City challenge. The background is pieced to look like a brick wall and the 'graffitti' is stencilled with paint and stitched.  I know that making this quilt threw a lot of challenges at Hilary which she managed to overcome and I think she has been very successful in conveying her message.
As always it was a very inspirational weekend and I came home with many resolutions, none of which I have started.!!  I will post more pictures in a second Festival of Quilts post.


Linda said...

Great display of wonderful talent not least your own which is stunning well done Lizzie xx Linda

bois-fleurie said...

Wonderful to see some of those quilts, thanks Jill