Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Journal Quilts

These are the Journal Quilts I have made for May, June, July and August.  The deadline for this stage was 31st August and I just made it.  They are not showing up in chronological order as I can never get the hang of loading photographs in the right order.  In fact they are in reverse order - making the first one August.  I have been doing these little quilts for four years now and sometimes I get stuck for ideas.  When this happens I have a look in my sample boxes for things that I have done when I have had the time to play.  All the materials for these, except for the Lighthouse whoich was made for July, came from these boxes.  August was made with bits and pieces that all had an Indian theme.  I have a lot of wooden Indian printing blocks and when I have the time I go to my shed and play around with things.  I have to say that this is usually when I am thinking about a bigger project and can't seem to manage to come to a decision.  On these occasions I take myself off to the shed and get out the paints and dyes and just paint papers, print scraps of fabric, in fact anything that bears no relation to whatever I should be doing.  I find this is a kind of release and I usually come to my conclusions in this roundabout fashion.
The lighthouse for July was made from a computer printed picture on paper.  The paper was scrunched around until it had broken down and then Bondaweb was ironed on the back and the whole thing ironed on to the backing.  I just did some outline stitching on the lighthouse and house and quilted the sea, which was created by painting Bondaweb with watered down acrylic paint and ironed on to the backing fabric.
For June I used pieces that were left over from a previous quilt  and for May I used the remnants of a lot of painted, dyed and printed tea bag paper that I had left over from my Sketchbook cover projects that I made for Dorset Arts Weeks in May.
My stash of samples and remnants is getting low so before it starts getting cold and the nights draw in I must take myself off to my shed again to play.