Friday, 1 October 2010


Early hand made Bodice

Early hand made Bodice
Here are a few things that Natalie and I bought in Auction the other day.  These beautiful things emerged from a box full of tangled textiles.  Too tangled to fully explore for fear of doing some damage.  We knew it held four or five treasures but when it was tipped out and gently sorted my mouth started to open wider and wider.  It did not come cheaply, but was worth every penny.  Some things are on their way to Italy to collectors and the others will be sold the usual way.  The two bodices shown in the pictures are hand made from cotton lawn with a date of 1820/1830.  Every stitch in their construction and embellishment has been done by hand.
Hand printed chintz panel
This panel is a very early hand printed chintz.  I have seen panels like this placed at the centre of a Frame Quilt - now known as a Medallion Quilt.  The panels are placed in the centre and the quilt is built frame by frame by adding a series of squares and triangles along either side with a defining block usually in the same fabric at each corner.  These are my favourite type of quilts.  They are a grand showcase of all the fabulous hand printed fabrics that were available in the early 19th century.  These fabrics were brought here by the East India Shipping Company and were known as 'Indiennes'.  As well as this panel there were also a lot of other pieces of hand printed chintz.  Highly glazed and with a papery feel.  The previous owner had been an accomplished stitcher as many had had small motifs cut from them to be used in Broderie Perse.  Some examples of her work were also in the box.  All of these things are for sale and if anyone reading this is interested in purchasing something then please get in touch with me.  There are more photographs on my Flickr site.  To access these just click on the Flickr badge in the sidebar.  In the meantime there is a lot of work to be done with research and processing these things.  Some things have been sold already but there is a lot left and I shall be adding some to my website

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