Tuesday, 2 November 2010


This combination of equipment can mean only one thing in my experience!!
 DYEING.  Today I have been to the first workshop in a series of two for Sequence Overdyeing.  The morning was spent cutting 6 metres of white cotton in to 36 fat quarters and preparing five buckets of salt water to add the dye to.  We also played with paper, paintbrushes and mixed dyes to experiment with colour combinations.  There were eleven of us altogether and we split off into 5 pairs and 1 solo which made a total of 30 buckets of salt water.  The buckets were numbered from 1 to 5.
After lunch we added the dye concentrate to each bucket.  5ml in the first bucket; 15ml in the second; 45 ml in the third; 135 ml in the fourth and 405 ml in the fifth.  Before the fabrics were added to the dye each piece was numbered.  This was a little complicated but necessary for the second stage.

We took our dyed fabrics home in plastic bags still full of dye to be rinsed and washed ready for the next stage next week.  Next week we will prepare the dye baths in the same way with another colour and overdye the fabrics we have dye this week.  I chose to use Royal Blue and Golden Yellow.  Hopefully I will get some lovely sludgy bluey greens to use for sea in the next two projects that are roaming around in my brain,!  I am looking forward to seeing the results of all our dyeing next week.  Another post and pictures then.


Linda said...

great day for it too , looks like you had a lovely day xx

Susy said...

Hello Lizzie,
thanks for being gone from me.
But you know that this morning I
came to hand your business card!?
I must have taken in May on your desk
in a trade show, is not it strange?
A hug Susy

Lizzie said...

Coincidence - great. Where were you in May???