Thursday, 2 December 2010


The Vintage at the Village Hall at Pamphill on Monday was fabulous.  In spite of the cold weather the hall was packed all day with eager and interested customers.  All due to the hard work done by Elaine and her husband in the organisation and promotion of what was a very successful day. Thank you both very much and we look forward to the next one!!!! I am sorry there are no photographs but my camera has gone missing.  It may be in the depths of my car but I have searched everywhere to no avail.  I have been poorly for a couple of days with some weird sickness bug so have only just missed it.  I felt too bad when I reached home on Monday night to think about a blog post.  The journey was a nightmare, weather being the problem, no snow but dark and frosty.  When I joined the Puddletown By-Pass I found the Police has closed it and we were directed through Puddletown Forest.  This is a lovely drive in the daylight and in Spring time but not in the dark in icy conditions.  They had closed the road all the way to Dorchester because of a four car pile-up.  No-one was badly hurt thank goodness. 
To add insult to injury I have killed my pay-as you-go phone.  After dropping my Blackberry in the Dog's water I have been using this spare one.  A lot of people still have that particular number.  Because of my sickness fuddled brain I had forgotten it was in my dressing gown pocket and this morning I found it when I emptied the washing machine!!!!!!   Hopefully the sim card will be OK.  Having lost all the information and numbers stored on the Blackberry this spare one still had all the information on the sim card.  Looks like an expensive week ahead - new phone and camera - just had a thought - can I claim on my house insurance????????


BusyLizzie said...

Lizzie, you poor thing! we had an awful journey home too.. I was beyond speech by the time we got home.. luckily I still have an ancient phone and a crap camera that has no flash!!! Betcha looking forward to the fairs in January? Lizzie xxxx

Lizzie said...

I have just found my camera in the last few minutes - down the bottom of my bag of bags!!!!!!!!!!! with all the rest of the dross. Will load some photos in a minute. Phone still dead. Found an old camera in my shed so took some pics of snow and some snow dyeing that I am doing!!! I have Bournemouth vintage Fashion Fair on 12th and that's it until New Year. I think we are all in need of a rest and recuperation - if we had good bosses they would send us to the West Indies. xxxxxxxxxxxx