Saturday, 15 January 2011


Ardingly was successful again for selling.  The weather was foul, very wet under foot.  I was worried our brand new hired van would get stuck in the mud! but managed to keep it on the concrete pathway.  Our little shopping arcade was snug and we managed to keep most things dry and clean until the second day when things deteriorated a bit.  I am now on a washing marathon to get things fresh and clean again.  We have Shepton Mallett 3 day Antiques and Collectors Fair next weekend.  Indoors this time so hopefully there won't be too much washing to do afterwards!!.

Since we got back I have been busy listing things on Ebay and trying to get a little more organised!  I have so much stuff laying around the house in various corners and cupboards that I am determined to make this year my clear out year.  Inevitably some things will be put back to where I found them but there are lots of things that must go.  One of my philosophies is that no matter how long things are kept they will eventually find their correct home!!  I keep things that I think are special for years and eventually their time comes.  One example of this has happened this weekend.  Last summer I sold a lot of Victorian costume on Ebay that I had bought in an Auction about 4 years ago.  Because there was something the matter with all of it, it was put in black bin liners and forgotten about until the summer of last year.  One of the things was a Victorian Bodice with  its skirt, but the skirt had been taken to pieces, for what reason I know not.  It was bought by a lady in France and I received an excited email the day she received it.  She was going to restore it to its former glory.  This weekend I received via email photographs of the finished project.  All I could say was 'WOW' when I saw what she had accomplished .  She has the most fabulous website .  Do have a look if you like Antique costume.  It is written in French  and the photographs are fabulous.  To see what someone has done with a bag of bits makes all the hard work worthwhile and it makes sense of the the times I hear someone (usually my husband) say 'what are you keeping all that stuff for??'.  The trouble is I wish I had kept it!!!


Linda said...

my god how fabulous is that xxxx

OhSoVintage said...

Wow, what a wonderful restoration. Clever lady. I shall now visit your link to her website.

Lizzie said...

Fabulous indeed. It took her about 6 months. Labour of love. Must have a go at one myself sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!xx


That looks identical to the one that got away from me at a Christie''s auction many years ago. I got so excited at winning an earlier bid that I missed it.

I can't speak French, is linked site selling those items?