Monday, 31 January 2011


I have just added another two dates and venues to my Diary page for May.  So much for saying I wasn't going to do as much this year!!  I am very excited about these two latest bookings.  One is for the World Textile Weekend Spring Fair at Bisley Village Hall  The second is to be held at Glastonbury Rural Museum.  The dates at 14th and 15th May at Bisley and 20th May at Glastonbury.  May is going to be a very busy month.  On 3rd May I am at Honiton Textile Fair held at the Markarness Hall and then it is all change as Linda and I are going to National Trust property PETWORTH HOUSE  for 6th and 7th May where we will be holding two workshops using vintage textiles.  If anyone reading this is interested in joining the workshops please contact Iain Pearce at Petworth House.  Places are limited.  Linda and I love going to Petworth as we get to stay at the Horse Guards Inn at Tillington.  The coming months are going to be very busy but very exciting.  Next week we are off to France to buy and to sell this time at a 'Puces des Coutouriers' .  Lets hope we don't get snow bound as we did this time last year.  The most exciting trip to come is in April when we take off for the South of France to spend Easter week-end 'Brocanting' at Isles sur la Sourge and nearby Montpellier and Avignon.  I think we are going to be away for nearly two weeks as we will be driving leisurely and stopping off to stay with friends in various departments.  The Hotel is booked at our destination so we are all set.  Lets hope we find some fabulous things to bring back for all our eager customers!!  At least we should have some good new stock for Glastonbury and Stroud.  In the meantime its nose to the grindstone to earn the pennies to spend!!


ted and bunny said...

hi Lizzie, please could you amend the diary to show Vintage at the Village Hall at Pamphill on May 9th, not April 4th

Lizzie said...

Sorry, Elaine. Have changed it now. Looking forward to it!! Now May is crazier than ever as I have a Booking for a Costume Talk on 12th, but that is on home territory xx