Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I am just back from a working trip to France, literally.  We docked at Portsmouth last evening at about 9.30p.m and drove to Dorset. I spent the night at Linda's in Dorchester and this morning we went through our purchases listing and pricing things for Ardingly in a couple of weeks' time.  We have found some fabulous things this trip and I will post pictures when I have had time to sort things out.  I got home to my house this afternoon and  set straight to my Blog!!!  I did speak to my DH first!!We stayed with our friends Ticky and Nick.  These are their chickens.  They kept us supplied with our breakfast each morning.!

This is the lake on their land which is stocked with carp etc. for fishermen.  They plan to extend it this summer to twice its size to enable them to let out the fishing rights.  The lake is fed with a natural spring all year round. 

On Sunday
 we were working at the Dressmakers' Fleamarket.  This was our stall.  It was busy all day long from 9.30 a.m. till 6 p.m.  Everyone was very friendly and made us feel very welcome.  There are a lot of English people living in the area and there is a large Quilting group which meets every week.  Of course we had to buy as well as sell and I managed to find some lovely Japanese quilting fabrics and some beautiful mother of pearl buttons that were being sold by the scoop full!!!!  During the day we were approached by three ladies from nearby St. Lo who asked us if we would like to have a stall at a similar fleamarket they are running in May. We are already very busy in May but if we can manage to fit it in we will.  Everything depends of the Ferry sailings!!

On the way back to catch the Ferry at Caen on Monday we stopped at Falaise.  Stronghold of William the Conquerer.  We only stopped briefly to have some lunch and didn't really have time to explore the Castle.  This is on our list for next time as the town has been built around the Castle.  The famous statue of William stands in the main square opposite the most fabulous Church.  Both Linda and I know that our ancestors were French Knights.  I have documentary evidence that shows both sides of my Fathers family were French Knights.  This all dates back to long before records were kept of births, marriages and deaths, but one is mentioned in a Vellum Roll that states he fought at the Great Tournament at Stepney in 1154 - Sir Godfrey de Mons.  I should so like to be able to find out more about these ancient people but have no idea where to start.  France feels like home to me, right from my first visit when I was on a School exchange.  It draws me back more strongly each time.  I can't afford to buy a house there but can content myself with being able to visit often in the name of 'work'!!!!!!!


BusyLizzie said...

Looks like a fab trip! Might be over there in May, so see you at St Lo! xx

Lizzie said...

Yes it was great Lizzie. Weather was fab. Shopping even more so. Be lovely to see you if we are there at the same time.