Sunday, 27 March 2011


Sandra Meech Workshop
Its been quite a while since my last entry on this Blog.  After Ardingly I was rendered motionless with a bad back!  I had forgotten how painful it can be and was laid up for quite a while.  I had to miss Ilminster Textile Fair because I was too bad to go!!  So being confined to Barracks as it were,  I used the time, once I was able to sit down, to catch up on my sewing and quilting.  I was able to finish my quilt for the Quilters Guild AGM being held at Exeter next month.  The theme we had to work to was 'Wild West' as in West Country.  No pictures yet, but I will add them once the AGM is over.  The photographs I have posted now are of a two day workshop I have just attended with Sandra Meech as the Tutor.  I am a great fan of Sandra's work and have been on a course with her before at Contemporary Quilt Summer School some years ago.  The title of this class was 'Connecting Art to Stitch' and involved a lot of painting on photocopies, bondaweb and fabric.  The results of all this were then cut and collated into eight page signatures and then bound together.  I love making these little books.  They are very much works in progress and can be worked on  and added to as and when.  We were asked to have a theme and come prepared with photographs and photocopies, coloured and black and white images, relating to that theme.  We all worked very hard over the two days in order that we could get as much of our books done with Sandra's guidance as possible, leaving not too much to be done as far as the construction was concerned at home on our own.

This photograph shows a selection of books made by members of the class.  The next two photographs are of my pages.

Pages showing painted photocopies, painted bondaweb transferred to fabric, coloured tracings, wax crayon on cartridge paper painted with black paint.  I just need to get these stitched together now to make a whole and then my book is ready .  It is a good size to carry around in my bag so that I can add to it when I feel like it and it will certainly be coming with me on my next trip to France in a couple of weeks' time.
It was a wonderfully inspiring two days, exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable and just what I needed.